"It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right." - Good Riddance (by Green Day)

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Hi I'm Kyle , and this is my wikispace. This space is a project for my Honors American Literature class and is designed to tell about my personal philosophy and how it connects with and is represented by the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller. This fictional play is based upon the real events of the Salem Witch Trials. To find out more about the Trials go here, or for a more hands on look, go here and click on the interactive Explore Salem link in the upper right hand corner.

My personal philosophy goes like this:
I believe that all evil can and will eventually be overcome. A good example of this is from Star Wars, where Luke and Darth Vader kill the evil Emperor and in the process destroy the evil of the Imperial government. Another example of this is WWII. Hitler headed one of the most evil campaigns in history, but was overcome by those who proctected what was right and just. Evidence of this philosophy can also be found in much of the other literature we have read or seen this unit. "Little Red Riding Hood" has many different endings, but the most common ending involves the evil wolf being slaughtered by some form of good. For a look at the other literature we have viewed go the In Class Work link or for a closer look at my personal philosophy and it's connection to The Crucible click the Personal Philosophy Statement link in the navigation box.